Too cool for school? Think again.

We've got friends with benefits.

Friends teaching friends. A workshop series in Hamburg.

About friends with benefits

We believe that we have amazing friends who know a hell lot of interesting stuff. Stuff that we would like to know as well.

We also believe that teaching us this stuff is what friends are for. (Among listening to all of your shenanigans and drinking booze.)

That’s why we nominate them to be professor for a day. So they can show us their rocket science knowledge in easy-peasy workshops that will leave us happy and smart(er).

Get your backpack ready, your reading glasses on and join us for ☞ friends with benefits.


Drury Brennan


LETTERING SLAM with Drury Brennan

Drury is an Berlin-based artist who uses calligraphy in a poetic and more rhythmic music-inspired way. He works in his studio in Neukölln.

You most definetly should see his huge colorful or all-black artworks. He just dives into a pool of letters and words and creates something beyond. His art is a mixture of elements of high and low culture (like watching trash on YouTube and reading a very deep-theoretical book at the same time, as he says), which is also known in the fields of graffiti.

And you know what? Right now we are planning a little lettering jam with Drury in Hamburg in the next weeks. Stay in touch via mail. We'll keep you posted.

Partners in crime.

Cause everyone needs another to cover one's own ass.

What would the world be without a sufficient dose of caffeine? A sad one. That’s why we’re glad we can count on Playground Coffee. The local roasters do not only have one of the finest beans in Hamburg, but also the biggest hearts for all coffee lovers. Which is why there will be enough coffee to keep your brain running on full speed.

Even if you have fond memories of your school time, there is not one person on this planet who actually misses those grey-beige buildings we were sitting in. It is so much cooler to hang out in a loft, right? That’s why we got you access to one of the nicest in town: the thinking space of graphic designer Andreas Teichmann.

That’s a real bad ass motherfcker with special talent in coding; working for the all-time overbooked agency SUPERNOVÆ in Berlin. Thanks for supporting us, Patrick Beser.

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Kristina and Eva
Lovers. Players. Keepers.

Just the two of us.

It all started with burgers and beer in 2014. Since then Eva & Kristina have been sharing drinks, projects and love.

Eva is a Freelance Art Director & Illustrator. Kristina is an Innovation Strategist. Together they are superheroes with a pet balloon dinosaur called Karl.

Realizing that they bring out the best in each other, they started working on their crazy ideas as a team, crafting concepts and designs that make the world more colorful.

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